feature Tech Tray — 01 February 2012
Griffin’s Twenty Audio Amplifier

I’m a bit of a closet audiophile. I have an entire stereo that has been tucked away, unused simply because I’m not sure where to put it. But I got a great deal on it! Perhaps hoarder fits this context better. Regardless, maybe you too have a set of speakers laying your house around as well. Here enters Griffin’s new product, the Twenty Amplifier. This device, paired with an apple airport express ($99 new), and a 2.1 set of non-powered speakers, allows you took play/stream/rock out wirelessly from iTunes or ANY Airplay enabled app or device (IE Spotify, last.fm, Pandora, etc.) in addition to being able to control the volume via Griffin’s trademark knob. Griffin has not announced a price or release date for this product as of yet, but I’m greatly looking forward to it.

(Sources: Uncrate / Hypebeast)


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