News — 29 June 2011
Daily News: Download the Death Grips Album “Exmilitary”

Hip hop in 2011 is showing serious promise. First, Tyler the Creator’s Goblin was a solid second effort, while it could have used some polishing from outside Odd Future (The Fridge recommends Flying Lotus for your next album Tyler), we threw the album in the Fridge nonetheless. Yesterday saw the release of Shabazz Palaces Black Up, which after one listen, sounds like Fresh Produce we need to throw in the Fridge. Now we have Death Grips dropping Exmilitary. Be warned, the album is not for the faint of heart. Death Grips is a hip hop project assumed to be helmed by drummer Zach Hill, but not much else is known about the project. Exmilitary is a raw, hard hitting, and in your face album containing rhymes from an anonymous MC, ranging from comprehensive drug usage to dead cops to human sacrifice, that may even make Tyler the Creator flinch. I believe this is exactly what Tipper Gore and the censorship advocates were afraid of when albums got stuck with the parental advisory logo blazing the front cover. Power to free speech. You can download the album for free by following the link, or you can download it from itunes “if that’s your thing”: Death Grips “Exmilitary”


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