Local Fare News — 24 April 2012
Local Fare: Daily News | Michal Menert Releases New Album

The long awaited sophomore album from Pretty Lights Music is available at last. Even If It Isn’t Right is the follow up to 2010′s debut Dreaming of a Bigger Life, an album that we found impressive at first, yet whose tunes really find their footing live.220-802
We would like to congratulate our friend from Ft. Collins, Colorado for completing this elaborate project that clocks in at over 100 minutes. Can we take this guy away from Couchella and get him to the polo fields to move Coachella the Rocky Mountain way? You can hop on this fresh release right now by following the link below.

Michal Menert | Even If It Isn’t Right

Concerning the content of Even If It Isn’t Right, Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights had the following words of praise for his friend/colleague’s newest project:

“Even If It Isn’t Right is some of the best music I’ve ever heard. It is emotionally moving throughout, while maintaining a style that can rock the hell out of a party, and in its entirety it is undoubtedly a beautiful and prolific masterwork of stellar sample collaging and brilliant musicianship.”

- Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights 

Michal Menert was the first artist signed to the record label Pretty Lights Music, with the release of his album Dreaming of a Bigger Life in the Spring of 2010. His sound combines obscure vintage samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl with rich analog synthesis and organic hard hitting beats. It is a fusion of yesterday’s elements and tomorrow’s ideas. Michal’s second album, the mega-LP Even If It Isn’t Right is now available officially free charge (Donations are always welcomed).


About Even If It Isn’t Right, Michal Menert shared the following:

“Since my last record, I have been adapting to a new way of life. I’ve made a lot of new friends, seen a lot of the world, and been blessed with the chance to bring music to life along the way. I’ve also lost touch with a lot of people I care about, been away from the comfort of home, and had to make quick decisions that end up affecting my future in big ways. The title of this record stems from that – from choices, actions, statements and even music that I’ve made in the last two years. I took these steps because they were what I thought was right, even if it wasn’t. Part of growing is accepting that you make mistakes, and learning from them. If you don’t make mistakes or fall down, you’re not trying hard enough. Even the 100+ minute running time of this album may not be ‘right’ by traditional standards, but it’s what I felt was needed to tell the story of my life since my last release. So, even if it isn’t right, this is life. If we own our choices, we can escape the pitfalls of guilt, regret, and imagining how it all could have been if only we had…”

Michal Menert is also taking his music across the great expanse of America, playing shows through Spring and into Summer.CCNA 200-120
He will be stopping by San Francisco, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and many others in between. He will also be making appearances at several major festivals including Lightning In A Bottle, Movement Electronic Music Festival, Wakarusa, and Re:Generation.

4/26/12 Miramar Theater Milwaukee, WI
4/27/12 Majestic Theater Madison, WI
4/28/12 Bottom Lounge Chicago, IL
5/5/12 Aggie Theater Ft. Collins, CO
5/25/12 Lightning In A Bottle Irvine, CA
5/27/12 Movement Electronic Music Festival Detroit, MI
6/1/12 Wakarusa Festival Ozark, AR
6/21/12 – 6/24/12 Re:Generation North Plains, OR
Tracklisting1. Hi

2. The Same Disease

3. Cassiopeia

4. The Golden Rule

5. Take All You Want To

6. Out Of This World (Co-produced by SuperVision)

7. In the Clouds

8. Solar Overdrive (Co-produced by Derek VanScoten)

9. The Keep On (Co-produced by Paul Basic)

10. Words Unspoken

11. Drift By (Co-Produced by Outlet)

12. The Wind and the Walls

13. Please

14. Bloodletting

15. Exodus

16. The Ride

17. Heart Chase Summer

18. Sky City

19. Still Dreaming

20. A New Beginning

21. Winter’s End

22. Remember (Co-produced by Derek VanScoten)

23. Circuit Whispers

24. Until I’m Found

25. Forget

26. New Heights

27. After the Rain


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