News — 22 November 2011
Watch: Pretty Lights "It's Tricky" Remix

Check out yet another video recap of a Pretty Lights performance. This one comes from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Atlanta, Georgia. The scene is the same as previous ones from Derek Vincent Smith that we have shared. A raucous party, youthful faces clad in bright clothing, and lots of bright lights.

The guy knows his crowd casino online and knows how to bring a party. That is clear. This video, like the Bonnaroo recap, features a previously unreleased track. This time it is a remix of the Run DMC classic “It”s Tricky”. A pretty slick remixes that manages to straddle the line between aggressive and chill quite well.

I also couldn”t help but feel as though this one may be addressed to detractors questioning the talent or skill level involved in crafting Pretty Lights tunes: “It”s complicated”.


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